Condition Management Programs

Condition management programs are the structured treatment strategies that aim to help people effectively manage their disease condition and to improve quality of life. A health care provider’s inputs and expertise are highly valuable to the patients. One of the best ways to help patients is to help them take control of their own health

Benefits of Condition Management programs:

  • Provides information and self-management support to help people with chronic disease better manage their condition, improve health outcomes, prevent complications, and reduce the need for hospitalization.
  • Health risk assessment for every individual and proactively identify people’s needs and give them tailor made advice.
  • Counselling Service aims to improve and promote the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of clients.
  • Address all the needs and concerns of the patients and maintain their electronic health records under one platform.

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Bring value to outcomes

Improving quality of life

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The programs include health education and case management assessment and services, pharmacy services, educational mailings, web-based interactive tools, and online support.

There are several ways for the patients to be enrolled in one or more Condition Management program. The primary enrolment source is the disease management software application, which analyses medical, pharmacy, and laboratory data monthly to identify patients for the program

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The main intention of condition management program is to offer resourceful, client-centred, and flexible supportive counselling services

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