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Focused to deliver the best technology driven medical synthesis platform offering one stop solution to all the unmet healthcare needs.


A healthcare data tech platform delivering value from clinical datasets

  • Medswan is a Global Leading Healthcare Technology Enabled Evidence Based Clinical Platform. 
  • We empower healthcare providers in delivering high quality patient outcomes in a sustainable and long term manner.
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Medical Affairs

Medical Communications

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Personalized Care

Patient education
Second Opinion with Home health

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Healthcare Analytics & Business Intelligence

Intuitive healthcare data insights

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Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Evidence led Doctor CRM

Why Medswan? We Transform Healthcare

Best data driven solution for the unmet challenges in :-

  • Medical data-analysis
  • Publications
  • Engagement between pharma, providers, practitioners, and insurance
Medical communication solutions

Evidence-based clinical info

End-to-end service support

Medical Information & Support

Our Products & Services

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We help life science companies meet the increased demand in Medical Affairs.

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Latest and evidence-based clinical information is the basis of trusted healthcare services. Our tech enabled clinical decision support helps healthcare providers to make evidence-based clinical decisions for their patients

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We unleash potential of healthcare data by deploying intuitive data insights.

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Using RWE data, HEOR analysis, and payer analytics scoring, we help prove a product’s value and maintain stronger relationships with payers, as well as PBMs and providers.

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Together, lets get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

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In this module, we innovate by leveraging patient-level data assets and advanced predictive modeling capabilities to offer unique insights on patient populations to take right decisions at the right time.

Healthcare systems

Challenges faced by Healthcare Industry

We observe that in healthcare now more than ever, it's all about good decision. Patient outcomes, safety, service quality, organizational efficiency and financial control are all dependent on confident, consistent, and auditable decision-making.

These decisions require:


Up-to-date Information


Talent, Coding & Technology


Quality of Writing: covering medical domain

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    Rapid generation of healthcare data and investment in digital health, EHRs, IOTs etc....

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    Medical Intelligence

    For clinical program design and evaluation, Medical Intelligence helps:

    Identify new intervention programs needed to address conditions driving cost and utilization


    With a strong integration of biomedical and healthcare data, modern healthcare organizations can possibly revolutionize the medical therapies and personalized medicine.